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We recently hosted the St. Lawrence County Shopping Network, streaming to Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook featuring local businesses with products for sale online. Here is the replay with time stamps to the different businesses and their featured products:

@10:53 Debbie Snell, Junkchique (
@21:47 Amanda Goldstein, Brewer Bookstore (
@30:43 Abrahm Dimarco, Dimarco Consulting Group (
@43:43 Catherine LaPointe Vollmer, Lionheart Graphics (
@57:49 Kris Rozelle, Phoenix Rising Art (
@1:25:36 Dean Laubscher, Grasse River Hemp (
@1:38:45 Hailey Hodge, Luna (
@1:50:14 Brooke Rouse, Grasse River Outfitters (
@2:08:30 Mark Scott, Artworks Creperie (
@2:25:43 Audrey Roberts, Maple Rock B and B (
@2:36:45 Paula Youmell, Paula Youmell, RN, Wise Woman Nurse (
@2:51:39 Kelly Burnham, Flying Lotus Yoga Center and Juice Bar (
@3:07:49 Margaret Finen, Finen Maple Products LLC (
@3:21:12 Maggie McKenna, SLC Arts Council (
@3:40:10 Sharon Williams, North Country Childrens Museum (
@3:54:11 Lynzie Schulte, Foster The Plant (
@4:08:31 Patti Mason, Phoenix Moon Energy (
@4:25:20 Sandy Maine, Adirondack Fragrance and Flavor Farm (
@4:38:30 Jill Breit, TAUNY (
@4:53:50 Tracey Charleston, Commercial Press Ink (

Thanks to everyone who participated and we look forward to hosting more events like this in the future.

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