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Hunting in St. Lawrence County

From muzzleloading to bowhunting, hunting opportunities abound in St. Lawrence County. With the right licenses, permits, and tags, you can hunt wild game like deer, coyote and waterfowl, or you can even choose a guided hunt on a wildlife preserve with boar, buffalo, elk and rams.

Small and Big Game Hunting Opportunities

St. Lawrence County is located in New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s (DEC) Region 6. This region includes areas from the St. Lawrence River into the western Adirondacks.

There are a number of hunting opportunities from small game like squirrel and rabbits to deer, coyote and various waterfowl.

There are also a few large game farms in the county, offering guided hunts on their wildlife preserves. These preserves offer the opportunity to hunt for Russian boar, buffalo, elk, rams, whitetail and fallow bucks and does. They also offer packages for waterfowl, pheasant and turkey.

Hunting Regulations

Please be advised that there are a range of rules and regulations for hunting in St. Lawrence County and New York State. Depending on the season, the location, and the game in which you are hunting, there may be a variety of rules and regulations that you must follow.

There are also special regulations that must be followed in certain Wildlife Management Areas (WMA), such as the Wilson Hill Wildlife Management Area along the St. Lawrence River near Massena, and the Upper and Lower Lake Wildlife Management Area outside of Canton.

Before you set out, make sure you are familiar with these regulations to avoid causing serious harm or injury to yourself or others and to avoid facing penalties and accruing serious fines.

For detailed information on hunting regulations, please visit the NYS DEC website.

Where to Get Your Hunting License/Tags/Permits in St. Lawrence County

Apply with your Local Town Clerk

Hunting licenses can be obtained from Town Clerks. This is typically the fastest way to obtain your license/permit/tags to hunt.

*Please check with your local facility regarding COVID restrictions for in-person services.

Apply with the NYS DEC and Register Online

Internet customers who have previously held a NYS sporting license will need their Customer ID number from a previous year. NYS residents must have a NYS Driver’s license number recorded in the system in order to apply online. Youth ages 12-15 must have a parent or legal guardian assist with internet sale.

*Allow for up to 3 weeks for delivery when purchasing online.

Apply with the NYS DEC by Mail

Resident and non-resident mail in license applications can also be found on the same online registration page from the DEC.

For more information call toll free 1-866-933-2257.

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