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Entrepreneurship & Workforce Resources

Getting Down to Business

The St. Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce - in pursuing its mission to cultivate, develop and support Chamber members and other businesses by creating a vibrant business climate that encourages growth and enhances the unique quality of life in St. Lawrence County - is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs realize their business dreams.

We Can Help You Get Down to Business

Whether you are looking to move here to start your own business, take over an existing business, or you're already established but looking to grow, we are here to help.

We provide assistance with:

Entrepreneurship & New Businesses
Business Transitions, Growth, & Development
Networking Opportunities
Non-Profit / Not-for-Profit Criteria
Workforce Needs
STLC Trails

Join Our Regional Chamber!

We provide countless business development opportunities to our members, including webinars, networking events, electronic bulletins with critical information on training and funding resources, and way more.

Entrepreneurship & New Businesses

Starting a New Business? Check Out These Resources:

Need Help with Funding and Financing? Try these Sources:

Want to Expand Your Business Knowledge and Expertise? Check out these resources:

Business Transitions, Growth, & Development

Want to Buy or Sell An Existing Business?

Buy an existing business or sell your business through the North Country Center for Businesses in Transition.

Want to Become a Business Leader in Your Industry or Region? Check out these resources:

  • St. Lawrence Leadership Institute. (Now accepting applications!!!) Develop leadership skills, county issues knowledge, and engage a network of other leaders to contribute to your workplace and your community.

Local Networking Opportunities

Want to Grow Your Local Network? Connect with Fellow Chamber Members!

Participate in networking opportunities through the St. Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce, such as Nature & Networking.


Get assistance for Non-Profits/Not-For-Profits and identify grant funding opportunities with the St. Lawrence County Planning Office. 

Workforce Resources and Opportunities

Find Local Resources

Find resources for meeting your workforce needs -- call the chamber and we can help you find what you are looking for!

Job Advertising & Search Opportunities with the Chamber

Advertise job postings for your business (members only) or search for a career (anyone) through

For more information, call (315) 386-4000 or email

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