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St. Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce

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Find everything you need to know about our St. Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce, including all things membership, sponsorship, community and workforce development efforts and more!

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The Online Marketplace is an easy E-commerce option for Members!

Enhanced Chamber Member businesses can now sell online TOGETHER through a shared marketplace platform. This new marketplace allows customers to shop online in one place for items produced and sold across St. Lawrence County. Start Shopping Here

The opportunity is available to Enhanced Chamber Members (only $50/year in addition to dues).

Members can create individual shops, offering integrated payment and processing for shipping or pickup. This is an inexpensive, streamlined way to get your business online! From event tickets to handcrafted items to takeout and gift cards. More Info Here

Upcoming Business Development Programs & Chamber Events

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The St. Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce is committed to our members and works to create economic opportunities by acting as a catalyst for improving the county's business environment. Our mission is to cultivate, develop and support chamber members and other businesses by creating a vibrant business climate that encourages growth and enhances the unique quality of life in St. Lawrence County.

Member Testimonial

Mark Scott, owner-operator of the Artworks Creperie Bistro in Waddington, shares his thoughts on being a member of the STLC Chamber.

Membership and Dues:

The St. Lawrence County Chamber offers a tiered membership that runs on a calendar cycle, from January 1 through December 31. Membership dues are based on the chosen tier level and number of full-time, part-time and seasonal employees.

Chamber Members Online Member Center Account Login

The Member Information Center is an internal website just for our Chamber members. It gives you the ability to manage a variety of activities and serves as a great marketing tool for your business. For more information and tutorials:

Our Communications

We send out weekly e-mail bulletins as well as information on regarding event registrations, webinars, quarterly newsletters, and other opportunities. Please be sure that your e-mail address, as well as other company representative's e-mail addresses, are accurately listed in the Member Center. Please contact us if you would like to add additional businesses reps to our e-mail communication list.

Chamber Communications Survey:

In an effort to save money and not waste paper, we would like to know if you would still like to receive your Quarterly Newsletter in print, mailed to your office. If you enjoy reading them and passing them around your office, we are happy to continue sending them. If you are happy with the electronic version we send and typically just toss the print edition, let us know!

You can complete the online 2-minute survey here.

Conference Tourism:

Take 5 Minutes to complete this 2 question survey. We are working to build conference tourism in the County, to increase new visitors, expand low seasons and support business development. You can complete the online survey here.


Join Our Leadership Circle

More Info Here

Be a Leader in St. Lawrence County

Members of the Leadership Circle are major investors in the Chamber.  Being a Leadership Circle member demonstrates your company's commitment to growing jobs, promoting business success and making St. Lawrence County a great place to live, invest, work, play and raise a family.

The Leadership Circle benefit package gives your company:

Added business visibility year-round

Event attendance

Priority sponsorship opportunities

Recognition of your commitment to the community

Thank You

To all of our 2023 Leadership Circle sponsors.

Platinum Leaders

Gold Leaders

Silver Leaders

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