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ATV Ride

ATVs in St. Lawrence County

Permits, Trail Maps, & Rules

A popular outdoor recreational activity in Northern New York is ATV trail riding. The St Lawrence County Multi-Use Trail is a designated ATV trail that includes trail segments on public and private lands, with a key feature being a trail system thru Ft Jackson and Brasher Forests. Select Town and County Roads are used to connect the off road sections of the trail and are identified with brown signs that include an ATV symbol.

St Lawrence County Multi-Use ATV Trails are open May 15 to September 15 (unless otherwise posted).

NOTE: A New Trail Pass system goes into effect for St. Lawrence County ATV trails on June 1, 2021.

The map can also be picked up for free at the St. Lawrence County Visitor's Center, 101 Main Street, Canton NY. You can also place a request by calling 315-386-4000.

The County ATV Association and various clubs encourage safe and responsible travel. St Lawrence County Trails Board offers a free map of the multi-use trail system and includes Trail Rules, Etiquette & Safety Guidelines and Tips for Trail Users. The trail map shows six ATV Areas with kiosks displaying a map and rules of the trail, ample space for parking, unloading and loading vehicles.  See Multi Use Trail System Map and rules here(You can right click your mouse and print from there).

Rules of the Trail for All Users

Stay on marked trail.  Enter and exit the trail system only at trailheads or town connectors.

Trail is open 6:00 am until midnight unless special permission is granted.

Obey all signs, gates and barriers.

Always stop when signaled by a law enforcement or safety patrol officer.

No camping or campfires are permitted.

Respect the environment.  Travel with minimum impact.  Do not litter.  Carry out what you carry in and leave nothing behind.

Always carry personal identification.

Watch the weather and dress appropriately.

Adult supervision is required for those under 18.

No alcohol may be consumed on the trail.

Be prepared – carry a first aid kit, tools, spare equipment and a cell phone or two way radio.

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