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STLC Totality Viewing Timetable

See when Totality will occur at your viewing location in St. Lawrence County.

Please note exact times may vary depending on the exact longitude and latitude used for calculations. You may see different times on different websites or from different sources.

STLC Totality Time Table-Total Solar Eclipse

The Narrow Path of Totality in New York State

The path of totality traces a grand arc across western and northern New York, crossing both the Thousand Islands Region and the Adirondack State Park. Although New York shares the eclipse with Canada for the length of its journey across the state, most of the width of the path belongs to New York and the centerline travels through the Empire State exclusively. 

From the Pennsylvania-New York border to the New York-Vermont border, the Moon's shadow travels approximately 359 miles along the centerline in 8 minutes and 57 seconds at an average speed of 2,405 miles per hour.

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