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I Bird NY Trails in STLC

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What is the New York State Birding Trail?

The New York State Birding Trail offers a detailed map of world-class birding opportunities throughout the state, including several beautiful sites that are home to an array of unique birdlife right here in St. Lawrence County. Though not an actual interconnected trail system, the NYS Birding Trail is a network of accessible birding locations that are promoted for everyone to enjoy.

Annual I Bird NY Challenges

Each year, I Bird NY offers two levels of birdwatching challenges for the chance to win birding equipment while identifying birds and learning about birdlife in our NYS habitats.

2022 I Bird NY Challenge

New this year, finding birds on a NYS Birding trail site increases your chances of winning prizes.

The I Bird NY Beginner's Birding Challenge is open to anyone 16 years of age and younger. Participants must identify 10 common New York bird species

The I Bird NY Experienced Birder Challenge is open to birders of any age. Participants must identify at least 10 different bird species found across New York State.

More information is available at


Official NYS Birding Trail Locations in STLC

Check out these bird watching hotspots in St. Lawrence County.

Is your favorite bird watching spot missing? Send us a note here.


Chippewa Bay Preserve

Thousand Islands Land Trust

Chippewa Bay Preserve is a mix of forest and wetland habitat and is considered part of the wildlife corridor that links the Adirondacks in the south with Algonquin Park to the north. It is a great place to spot the common merganser, common goldeneye, Canada goose, mallard, red-winged blackbirds, and black-capped chickadees.


Cranberry Lake Camp Ground & Day Use Area

The Cranberry Lake area is one of the largest remote areas remaining in the state, making it a beautiful setting to find an array of unbothered birdlife including forest songbirds, warblers, vireos, waterfowl, loons, chickadees, nuthatches, woodpeckers, forest raptors, bald eagle, and osprey.


Crooked Creek Preserve

Thousand Islands Land Trust

Crooked Creek Preserve is one of the most significant wetlands on the St. Lawrence, providing habitat for countless species and making it a perfect place for bird watching and wildlife. Bald eagles regularly fly overhead and it's also a great place to spot the Canada goose, common merganser, cliff swallow, red-winged blackbirds, and black-capped chickadees.


Hart's Falls Preserve

St. Lawrence Land Trust

Hart's Falls Preserve is an ecosystem of brilliant wildflowers and diverse trees, attracting a wide variety of birds including the Eastern bluebird, pileated woodpecker, chestnut-sided warbler, scarlet tanager, song sparrow, and the American goldfinch. The main trails cover each area of the preserve allowing birding from many vantage points.


Higley Flow State Park

Higley Flow State Park is a beautiful area for birdwatching along the picturesque Raquette River and the Adirondack foothills. Find the scarlet tanager, rose-breasted grosbeak, common loon, ruffed grouse, barred owl, belted kingfisher, and pileated woodpecker.

Golden Winged Warbler - Photo by Ben Dixon

Leonard Pond Trail

The Leonard Pond Parcel is a beautiful location for birdwatching along the Grasse River. Birdlife includes the gray jay, boreal chickadee, black-back woodpecker, palm warbler, Canada warbler, and the snow goose. Common loons can also be observed in the spring, summer and fall.

blue heron taking flight from a river bank

Robert Moses State Park

Robert Moses State Park offers a variety trails that wind through fields, forests and wetlands to overlooks showcasing spectacular views bustling with birdlife including the wild turkey, peregrine falcon, great blue heron, bald eagle, red-winged blackbird, snowy owl, and ruffed grouse.

pine grosbeak sitting on tree branch eating red berries

Upper and Lower Lakes Wildlife Management Area

Indian Creek Nature Center

The Indian Creek Nature Center is a wildlife haven with a myriad of resident and migratory birds. As part of the Lisbon Grasslands Important Birding Area (IBA), the nature trails in this area are a great place to find pied-billed grebe, American bittern, least bittern, Norther Harrier, black tern, sedge wren, LeCone's and Nelson's Sharp-tailed sparrows. Newly refurbished observation platforms provide birders with excellent vantage points as well as multiple wheelchair accessible locations.


Wilson Hill Wildlife Management Area

The Wilson Hill Wildlife Management Area is in close proximity to the St. Lawrence River, making it an ideal area for nesting and migrating waterfowl. During spring and fall migrations, it is not uncommon to find 15 to 20 different species of waterfowl in the area, including migrating dabbling and diving waterfowl, breeding waterfowl, black terns, ring-necked ducks, redhead, least bittern, and bald eagles.

Year-Round Birding in STLC

Get more information about birding throughout the year.

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